Monday, May 24, 2010

When dealing with people who have challenging behaviours, the first thing to ask is "Why is it so challenging?" At a training session yesterday, the people were having problems with a lady kicking and hitting. When i asked what time of day, I was told 8.30 in the morning. How come i wasnt surprised? She didnt want to get out of bed at that time of the morning! They then told me she wasnt a morning person. How hard is that to fix?

Always remember. Treat everyone living in residential care as if they are living in their own home and work to their preferences. Then some of this behaviour will stop.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Nursing Council of NZ says that any person who diminished, demeans or disempowers someone in their care, is culturally unsafe.

How often in your day do you diminish, demean or disempower someone without even realising you are doing it.

Think about your practice and ask yourself, do I do this? Do I not respect the culture of the person I am looking after. Do I not think about the weather when I am putting clothes on them? Do I do things for a person that they can do for themselves, because it is quicker? Do I put them in a wheelchair, rather than get them to walk because it is easier for me? Do I rush past a room because I am too busy to pass the time of day with a person or listen to their concerns? Do I forget to pass on a message I have received for a person and told them a relative has called?

Think about your day and if you have answered yes to any of the above, or something else, then maybe you are culturally unsafe.