Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Personal Grievances are avoidable

On my walk this morning I was thinking about personal grievances or PG's for short. PG's come about through not knowing the law and though quick unthoughtout actions.

The emotional cost to a business owner or manager is huge and adds to an already stressed person. On top of this is the lost time and the $$$$$.

A single personal grievance is likely to cost you a minimum of $2500!(if you are lucky) On top of this there is the time to prove your case - written and verbal recall. Then there is the lack of sleep which increases stress levels.

The thing is PG's are avoidable. They don't need to happen if you know how to deal with employees.

Just look at what is happening in the ACT party now. We have a tit for tat war. You hurt my feelings now I am going to hurt yours. This is Parent/Child behaviour.

Adult/Adult behaviour is the only way. It is about knowing what to do and not allowing emotions to get in the way.

Want to know more? Then come and find out about Employment Law and how you can protect yourself. Go to for more information.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

About the Treaty of Waitangi

I know a lot of people are confused about the Treaty and think it is for just Maori. In fact the Treaty is for all New Zealanders. This takes all the fear away from it.

The principles of Participation, Protection and Partnership are really good principles in which to give good care. There is no mystery about this at all.

So if you are one of those who were skeptical, then just think when you are providing any service for any person in New Zealand are you including them in the discussion and seeking their input (participation), is it what the person wants (partnership) and how does this mimimze risk or harm to a person (Protection) then you will have no trouble understanding the Treaty of Waitangi.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

All it takes is a phone call

Currently I have someone who keeps sending me faxes that I cannot answer. I don't know the motive behind this but have a suspicion that someone is trying to tell me something.

I send out faxes to people on my data base to remind them of upcoming courses. Some people have a phone fax so a fax is not automatically received. Others appear to turn their fax off at night.

Recently I received a letter from my phone company stating they had received a complaint because a fax from my phone had woken up a person 4 times during the night. I have not been told who this person is, and there is no way for me to find out who it is as the Privacy Act prevents this information being devulged.

Now the issue for me here is, all it takes is a phone call to tell me to remove them from the list. With out this information I can do nothing.

Another point is it is a business fax. There is currently no law in New Zealand that requires me to get permission from a business to receive a fax unlike emails.

I am now getting someone who has set a fax to come back to me that i cannot answer. A nuisence fax - and yes it is a nuisence.

The thing is, if it is an impostion to receive a fax all that has happen is ring or email me to take them off the fax list. It is not hard. I will not be offended or upset. I will not take any reprisals either. All I will do is take them off the fax list.

This sort of retaliatory behaviour is so unnecessay. I am not in the business of upsetting people. If I have done this, then I apologise.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Did you know that WHO predict that by 2020 COPD will be the 3rd leading cause of death in the world!!

I am stunned by the stats on COPD. That it has increase so significantly in woman that it may be the leading cause of death & disability in NZ. and there is more
4th major cause of avoidable hospitalisation in NZ for over 45's
6th most common reason for admission to hospital
Estimated to cost $80.6 million per year and
Maori are 4 times more likely to be hospitalised than non- maori
Mortality rates in Maori are 3 times higher than non-maori
Risk is greatest in Maori females and are hospitalised 5 times more than non-maori

What is worse, this is all preventable.

The Study Day by Gwendolyn Graty was excellent. The stats were mind boggling ( will put more in over the next day or so).

It was an extremely practical and useful session. I came away wondering just how many RN's are providing inadequate treatment for people through lack of knowledge.

On top of this we came away with our personalised kit for us to teach others on how to use inhalers - AWESOME DAY

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A personal gripe!

My mother is in care. She loves the place she is in and the caregivers are fantastic but this weekend she did not have a wonderful experience.

The caregiver taking care of her was rough and hurt her while drying her after a shower. Put her on the toilet and then walked out and left her for a long time. Didn't tidy up her room and on top of all of this, Mum couldn't understand her accent. In essence the caregiver didn't care!

Now I am not angry at the place she is in as they really take good care of her. I am angry at the Agency who provided this caregiver for a weekend shift and caregiver abused and neglected my mother.

Facilities have no way of checking out staff they hire from an agency. They have a reasonable expectation that the agency will provide trained compassionate cargivers to deliver the care the facility expectes. Clearly this was not the case yesterday.

Needless to say I laid a compalint with the facility that they can pass on to the agency. I am also prepared to go to the agency myself but will let the facility deal with it initially.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am gb smacked!!

Yesterday at a Cultural Safety workshop I was running, one person wrote on her evaluations sheet "I didn't know Pakeha's have a culture?"

This stunned me. Is this how we see ourselves? Do Pakeha's really see themselves without having a culture?

Fact is, we definately have a culture and it is time we started claiming it. This is why people complain about care. Their needs are not being met.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Co-operation, collaboration & support

This is what is needed in an emergency. Christchurch is now doing this but why wait for a disaster to occur?

Knowing your neighbours (or business colleagues). Working together should be ongoing.

How often to you meet with other rest home or continuing care facilities in your area? What resources could your share? What support could you offer each other?

Don't wait for something bad to happen to do this. If you met every month or six weeks, shared knowledge, or even just friendship if an emergency struck you would know who to call on.

So ring other facilities in your area today. Set up a breakfast, lunch or coffee afternoon. See how you can help each other now, not in a disaster.

Do it now. Do it today. It may just be the best decision you made - to know they neighbour (or facilty).

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cost effective training in house

If you are finding it difficult to get your training needs met or finding it too expensive for your budget, why not join a group in your area?

A 3 hour session could cost as little as $125.00+gst if sufficient people are interested. How does is work?

The normal fee for a 3 hour session is $750.00+gst DONT FREAK OUT
When you combine with 2 other facilities it becomes $250.00+gst ( 3 facilities total)or
3 homes it becomes $187.50+gst (4 facilities total)
4 homes it becomes $150.00+gst (5 facilities total)
5 homes it becomes $125.00+gst (6 facilities total)
You are never going to get a better offer than this for in-house training.

Not only will you get such good value training, you will also get handouts, presentation material and evaluations that meet audit requirments.

Interested? email

Sunday, September 5, 2010

As we reflect on how difficult it is for people in Christchurch .......

Our hearts go out to all of those in Canterbury whose lives have been thrown into disarray after the earth quake. It is difficult to comprehend how one would act or react in such a situation. Even with all the tragedy around them there are still some amazing stories that are coming out.

It is early days yet and as the reality of the situation sets in over time this the full impact of the devastation will sink in. Loss of family pets, income and for some jobs and business' will all have an affect.

I have only one meassage for anyone in this situation, endeavour to focus on the great things you have not what you don't have hard and all it may be. I was reminded of this when I went to my son's wedding in the UK and wrote the article below.

Remember this quote "What doesn't kill you will make you strong". Words people don't want to hear right now but on reflection will come to pass. It is times like this family become our life blood, our solace, joy and comfort.

Communities will become stronger, new friendships developed. All the things we require to live. Things can be replaced, but family and friendships are forever.

You may find this personal artilce of some help.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dont worry if you talk to your dog, your not barking mad

As a dog lover I talk to my dog a lot. He is my mate. I also talk to my cat. I am delighted to know how normal it is when you look at the stats according to a Purina Pet Survey. This are the results
Animal instincts

* 61 per cent of women tell their dog about their problems.

* 31 per cent of women feel their dog is a better listener than their partner.

* 24 per cent of men used their dog to talk to a good-looking stranger in the park.

* 14 per cent of men said their dog showed them more affection than their loved ones.

- Source: Purina Pet Survey

Don't worry if you talk to your dog, you're not barking mad

Do you think you're mad when you start talking to your dog? Don't worry, at least half of animal owners spill their problems to their pets, according to a new study. And it gets worse - a third ... More

The restof the article can be read in NZ Herald Wednesday 25th August paper. Sorry the link wont come up but the title is "dont worry if yoiu talk to your dog, yournot barking mad"