Monday, June 6, 2011

On-Line Training Update

I have been going around visiting facilities in a variety of locations to talk to them about the online training. I am excited at the uptake and people are seeing as a valuable tool to help train their staff.

I know what it is like to be a nurse and manager trying to get the education to all the staff and do everthing else as well.

My next move is to itemise what is in each segment of the topics and how long each segment is so that you know how much time you need to do the training. I am making changes all the time to not only add new material but also to help you in both time and training.

The next topics to go up is likely to be Aging Process - Muscles, Tendons Ligament and bones.

I am still looking at how to best do a topic as an Introduction to Caregiving that covers Customer Service and looks at the Social Model of Care but with a heading that will excite people and entice them to want to use it.

Like many of you, I am concerned at the lack of personal care. It is not that the carers don't want to do it, it is just they think their role is clinical rather than predominantly social with clinical when needed.

If anyone who thinks like me, can send me a topic heading that would entice them to open a link on it can they please email me at Caregiving has to start at the beginning and to build on skills.

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